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Servicing and Repairing

Company Mikro-Foffers a wide range of loading and handling equipment. Material handling, like any other, requires a high-quality service .

We guarantee our clients the qualified service and providing the necessary information. Our specialists carry out design, installation and commissioning of equipment, warranty and service your equipment .

Maintenance and repair of equipment in our company carried engineers - mechanics who have been trained at manufacturers (qualification of experts validated certificate). Experts service department constantly monitor the technical innovations being introduced by the manufacturer to improve the characteristics of the load and warehouse equipment (installation of additional options, modifications, new models, other additions or changes) .

In order to better and timely service to our customers - the number of service teams constantly increasing.

Due to the presence of teams, which are provided with all necessary equipment repair, if possible, carried out directly on-site at the client. If the fault can not be repaired on site we own trucks deliver vehicles to our service - repair base.

Our on-line shop "Mikro-F Spare Parts Service"

Spare Parts

With us you can always buy from the manufacturer supplies, accessories or spare parts for your warehouse equipment. Qualified service that we offer you, not only for your safety when working with technology, and also extends its service life and thus increase your profits.

We offer the following services:

  • Installation and commissioning of equipment;
  • Warranty and maintenance services;
  • Diagnosis and Repair;
  • Current repair (including repair node ) and mandatory prevention equipment;
  • Consultation and training regulations for the operation and use of vehicles;
  • Transportation equipment to the customer after repair;
  • For the entire period of repairs provide another technique for rent;
  • Skilled and fast technical advice and customer support.
Work with us is pleasant.

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