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Based on bought production facilities of "LFP” (Lviv Forklift Plant) company "Mikro-F” in 1999 founded its own production of forklifts, attachments and custom made spare parts.

Mikro-F is a manufacturer of forklifts capacity from 2t to 16 tons, diesel or gasoline engine, and such forklift is a versatile handling equipment. All products are certified by the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity of the State of UkrSEPRO.

Diesel forklifts equipped with powerful, economical and reliable engines D243 (Minsk Tractor Plant). Setting this engine made it possible to reduce operating costs and ensure availability of spare parts for D243 in any region, even in the remotest areas, since they are identical to parts that are used in tractor engines MTZ.

Absence of complicated hydrostatic transmission allows customer to serve forklift  by own force and with minimum cost.

It is possible to install attachments for different types of work.



The ratio "price – quality” is - the best indicator that distinguishes our trucks in the similar class of forklifts.

Our logistique department organizes the supply of forklifts at short term by road or by rail through Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. By desire of client it is possible to dispatch by container or by railway wagon as partial freight.

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