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  • How to order parts "online"?
  • This can be done directly on our site. Enter the catalog number of spare parts. If there is no catalog number,  please enter  the main parameters of the forklift, which need this parts: model, serial number, year.

    If you know the catalog number of parts, fill the bottom of the "Information on parts”, If you don’t know catalog number please fill “Information about forklift" which are the main parameters of the forklift  on which this need parts, namely, model, serial number,  forklift’s year production. In the field "Additionally" describe the necessary spare parts.

  • What does it mean 'free lift'?
  • Free lift is the ability to raise the forks without the mast height increasing .

    Standard free lift -  150 mm, is available on all duplex mast.

    Special free lift - more than 190 mm, used to work in areas with limited ceiling height (car, container).

  • What type of forklift to choose? Diesel or electric?
  • Choosing this or that engine type of forklift you have to consider the working conditions.

    The main advantage of forklifts with internal combustion (diesel engine, gasoline or gas) is lower price. Another advantage of them - no need for charging, as opposed to electric forklift.

    Common deficiencies of forklifts with internal combustion is the presence of exhaust gases, which limits the use of forklifts indoors

    If you talk about the benefits of electric forklift truck before, it can be attributed to their lack of noise and exhaust heat, low operating costs.

    The calculation of the cost of forklifts  with internal combustion  compared to electric forklifts trucks.

    Period of work: operating shift duration 8 hours.

    Forklift with internal combustion  : 3,0 l / h × 8 h = 24 l

                                               24l × 7 UAH / l = 168 UAH .

    Electric forklift  : To change just one battery 48 V, 480 A  for  1 operating shift duration 8 hours

    For the charge should be approximately

    50KVt/h  × 0,86 UAH /  KVt/h = 43. UAH


    Depreciation’s  battery:

    Number of cycles, at least, 1500

    Battery price  (for 2.5t): 33 000. UAH

    The cost of one cycle: 22 UAH .


    Now, the cost  of operating shift duration 8 hours.

    Forklift with internal combustion  - 168 UAH

    Electric forklift  - 65 UAH


    At work 5 days  per  week throughout the year (52 weeks)  the cost of using Electric forklift  is:

    (168 - 65) × 5 × 52 = 26 780 UAH

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