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Preparing forklift for winter

There are often problems with the preparation for the forklift to work in the winter, at low temperatures. What to do to your forklift worked in winter conditions no worse than at temperatures above zero? Here are some tips:

  1. Need to replace fuel and lubrication of all nodes on a winter forklift specification (this must be done before the cold weather, even if you use the full-year oil). When replacing the coolant, it is important to remember that you can not mix types of cold-coolant with other species. 
  2. Forklift at night inoffensive keep in a heated room or garage, temperature not lower than -10 C. 
  3. Battery capacity depends on the temperature: at low temperatures, the battery is reduced. If the battery is not sufficiently charged the forklift, the electrolyte can freeze. To avoid freezing, you must make sure that charge was always higher than 75%. 
  4. After starting the forklift and the engine warms up to 50 C, it is necessary to make some idle climbs up and down the mast and mast tilt back and forth. Just recommend use cylinder power steering of the steering wheel. Thus you working fluid warms forklift. 

When all of the above tips, your forklift will feel more confident when working in winter conditions.

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