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Preparing forklift for winter
There are often problems with the preparation of the truck to work in the winter, at low temperatures. What to do to your truck worked in winter conditions no worse than at temperatures above zero?
What you need to know when choosing a forklift
Before you buy a truck, you have to find the answer for yourself some questions. What capacity is needed? What lift height? Engine Type: diesel, gas, petrol or electric?
Ten reasons to buy forklift on Ltd.
Offer for sale of warehouse equipment in Ukraine provide a lot of companies, but finding where to buy forklift that suits you the desired price is very difficult. Material handling equipment is bought for a long time, so you need to make the right choice.
We will live!
We will live! 25.10.2013
"We will live". What and how changes in the domestic market of loading and warehouse equipment. Head of Foreign Economic Company "Mikro-F" Miroslav Brovchuk shared the statistics JIVA
The practical aspects of working with electroloader
It is known that trucks with asynchronous traction motor is much easier and less expensive to operate and maintain than similar machines with internal combustion engine.
NICHIYU - Which engine is better to choose?
Such a question inevitably arises before buying the truck. In fact, with which motor is better to choose a car - an electric motor or an internal combustion engine ( petrol , gas , diesel ) ? The unequivocal answer to this question is no and can not be - it all depends on a number of factors , both economic and technical nature.
NICHIYU - '70 success
Immediately after its founding in 1937 , the company Nippon Yusoki Co., Ltd. (abbreviated - NICHIYU) began to develop the first Japanese trucks. Since then , has almost 70 years, it retains primacy among Japanese producers in the development and production of electrical equipment for the warehouse.
NICHIYU - pioneer and leader
The Japanese company NICHIYU, celebrating this year its 70th anniversary , is known for its forklifts and warehouse equipment in the electric drive. Technique of the brand is working on numerous projects worldwide and has exceptional operational reliability .

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