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Handling equipment

Hand pallet truck - the most  popular  means of transportation pallets. Allows you to minimize the least cost manual labor. Hydraulic pallet truck can lift small loads to a height  till 2.5 m.

Stacker designed to store goods at the height till  5m. Its  dimensions  are smaller than the  forklift’s dimentsions, so can be used in warehouses with narrow aisle . Maneuverability, suitable for warehouse  where there is no sufficient space for turning. Stacker  designed to work in warehouses, supermarkets, enterprises and other premises with a flat surface.

Reach truck "Heavier" class  of equipment  for front rack -  it is kind of  stacker with a sliding carriage otherwise  Reach. truck. This is a "hybrid":   with lowered  mats  it looks like a stacker, and with raised mast -it works like a  forklift  truck, while using the best qualities of both types of equipment (capacity, speed and compactness). Rich truck designed for storing goods for work in warehouses, supermarkets, enterprises  and other premises with a flat surface. Maneuverable , Provides stable sideward travel. Lifting height up to 12m. Can loads from three directions by means of shift-and-rotate operation or with conventional forward loading and unloading. No turning of the truck is required.

Towing tractor is designed to work at airports, railway stations, river and sea ports is the small size and small turning radius.

Electric forklift trucks designed for handling, stacking, handling cargo at a distance in public and private warehouses, factory sites, railway stations, airports, river and sea ports and public areas. 

Electric forklift - Cold storage Type. This model is designed for use at subzero temperature in the freezer and not lower -55 C. 

Electric forklift - explosion Proof  Type. This model is designed for use in areas with high probability the concentration of explosive gases.

Gasoline or diesel forklifts trucks designed for handling, stacking, moving loads in open and closed warehouses, factory floors with unprepared surfaces, railway stations, airports, river and sea ports, and to work in hard climatic conditions and in open areas .

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